The Bucket List

*Revision-1/4/14:: This blog was actually started for a class project but I wanted to make a blog any ways. I kept this post just for fun. *

I want to make my first blog post about my Bucket list. When I was a kid I wanted to do so many things, from year to year it jumped around, from being a ballerina, a cop with a K-9, a fire fighter, to an Olympic ice-skater. This list goes on! As I got older, maybe about 6th grade I stated to want to travel the world. I had learned about so many place but they seamed more like “The Enchanted Forest” from fairy tails. When the World Trade Centers were struck down I realized the world is bigger than my little “whole in the wall tourist attraction”. That was the first major event that made me realize people; millions of them had their own lives going on while I had mine. Sure, I had left Alaska a few times to see family but that is when it really hit me, I really had this whole world to see. We do not know what is going to happen in five minutes or even 5 hours. That is when I stated making my Bucket List. So with a little explanation here is my bucket list I have been forming since about 6th grade. As you can see God has allowed me to check off many of them.

Snow Boarding
My older brothers were allowed to and most my friends did but I wasn’t allowed. I went for the first time when I was about to turn 19.

Ride a hot air balloon
When I was a kid we didn’t live far from where they launched. Almost every night(or so it seamed) in the summer for about 9 years I tried to climb a tree and talk to the people because they were not very high up yet…or so that’s the way I remember it going.

Visit Greenland
When I was in elementary school I learned Greenland was cold and icy but Iceland was the opposite. I have wanted to see for my self! I have also recently learned that there is a great need for people to share the gospel and love of Jesus Christ.

Go to Build a Bear
Stupid commercials, who wouldn’t want to build one?

Go upside down on a roller coaster
Again, who wouldn’t to!? I went on my first real roller coaster when I was 19. I also went upside down!

Swim in the ocean
Just for the experience, I love water and lakes so the ocean is a natural desire. Though as a child I hated water, I blame my big brothers =) I not only got to swim in the North Atlantic but just two weeks after that I got to walk on the shores of the North Pacific! I was 19 for both.

Go to New York (Time Square, Empire State Building, See the stature of Liberty)
I know that it is not where the Pilgrims landed but it is practically the central hub for America. It is rich in history and stories, both of which I love. I just happened to be 19 years old for this trip as well.

Go to Boston
I blame The Pirates Who Don’t Do Any Thing for this. ( I just re-watched this, I never realized they mention Greenland…)  Also I love early American history, and Paul Revere.  I was 19 for this trip too.

Sky Dive
Call me crazy but I love doing “daring” things, just think of the view on the way down?

Go backpacking
I love hiking and sight seeing. There are many places I would like to backpack.

See the Grand Cannon
Yet an other American “must see”. God’s handy work and glory is truly shown in the magnificence here.  One place I would like to hike/backpack along.

White Water Rafting
Lets see: Water + Adrenaline + Thrill + Adventure +  Possible Danger? Sounds like that’s just up my alley!

Go to Pairs
My Grandma went to Pairs and sent me a few things back from there, I also want to see a “real” mime. I even took a year of french in High School…that did’t go too well.

Drive over 100 mph
I can neither confirm nor deny this action…

Learn to Fly
Before I moved to Illinois I was going to go to school to become a small aircraft pilot. I will someday, Lord willing!

Go to a Major Professional Sporting event
I have never been a fan of any “professional” sports teams, till I moved to Illinois. I am now a Cardinals fan and have gone to 3 games.

Learn Piano
This one came in high school. When I was young my mom had me in Violin lessons but I didn’t want to, so I stopped, which I regret now. But in high school someone asked me if I played piano and they told me I seamed like I would be good at. When I had the opportunity to take lessons I started. I won’t check this off till I can play for a church congregational or a special. 

 Meet Julie Andrews
I have wanted to meet her since I first saw The Sound of Music.

Go to a Rodeo
This was one I also put down at the end of high school. I had a friend that loved them and got me into them. I was able to go to one just a few years later when I was 20.

Learn Golf
This is probably the newest one. I don’t really consider it a sport any more than bowling but it seams like a nice relaxing activity…And I really like gulf carts. =)

Serving God with all my heart (In progress see missions statement)


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