My Mission in Life

Growing up in cold, yet beautiful North Pole, Alaska I learned a lot about how communities work together. When you see someone broke down in the cold you don’t just drive by, (unless you are alone…then you slowly drive by) you stop and help. My heart and soul’s desire is to bring joy and happiness to the lives of others. Sadly, just like any other person, I am human and am not always “proactive” about uplifting others.

So many people have fears, many worries and doubts. They let these emotions take over their lives. They enable them selves to become disabled. This is how I was in high school. I was so scared that I would fail in life that I didn’t want to do any thing. I let that fear control my life. Sure, I told people I wanted to be “this or that” but I really had no desire to do much because I was so scared of failure. My senior year in high school, I found there is only one way for someone to be truly happy, to be truly joyful and free from worry.

The ultimate love and sacrifice of Jesus is the only thing that can bring true and meaningful joy into some ones life. I don’t just say this because “someone told me this”. I say this because I learned of God’s love my self. In 1 John 4:16 “…God is love; and he that dwelleth in love dewlleth in God, and God in him.” When Christ died on the cross he died for all mankind. His love was such that was spread across all.

The way I want to share love and joy is the same way someone shared love and joy with me. They showed me God’s love not just in the way they lived their life but from God’s own word how much God cares for each and every person. God’s love can free us from all worry and fear. Best of all, God’s love can save us from Hell and give us a home in Heaven.

My desire for this blog is to share what God lies on my heart. Whether it is something God shows me in my devotions, or if I’m on an road trip. I am just a sinner saved by God’s undeserving grace. I hope and pray that my posts will bring encouragement to others as I share the life God has given me to all who might want to know.


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